Housing Society Corporation Scheme

As all are aware that one of the main function of the Revenue Department is to provide house sites to the poor people and so for successive governments have achieved its targets with the full co-operation of the revenue department only. But unfortunately many of the revenue employees including tahsildars are not able to purchase the house for their family till their retirement.

In the current sceneyio where land prices are so high even government is unable to provide house sites to the employees. At the same time it has become a hercolian task to purchase a suitable house/flat free of legal problems by the employees in their limited resources. To overcome this problem the Telangana tahsildars Association felt the necessity to establish a revenuer employees co-operative housing society with its members and other revenue employees of Telangana Accordingly a housing society has been registered with regn no………………. at Hyderabad. It has been decided to make initial survey for requirement of flats/houses to its members and other interested revenue employees.

Meanwhile modalities are being workout to enroll the members and house sites are also being shortlisted to take up concrete steps once consent is received from enrolled members.

Therefore all the district presidents of this Association are requested to complete the initial survey and obtain consents of the proposed members, at an early date. The online registrations will be opened shortly.

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